Tofoo Com Chay Menu

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388 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95113, USA
phone: +1 408-286-6335


Business info

Takes Reservations: No

Delivery: No

Take-out: Yes

Accepts Credit Cards: No

Accepts Apple Pay: No

Accepts Android Pay: No

Good For: Lunch

Parking: Street

Bike Parking: Yes

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Good for Kids: Yes

Good for Groups: No

Attire: Casual

Ambience: Casual

Noise Level: Average

Alcohol: No

Outdoor Seating: Yes

Wi-Fi: No

Has TV: No

Waiter Service: No

Caters: No

Last reviews

Author: Marc Wiesner

Easily done of the best vegetarian food around! It's a bit of a narrow space but the make the most of it. Amazing dishes and amazing pho. Super nice people also.

It's cash only but well worth a trip to the ATM!

Author: Jason DeHaan

My favorite vegetarian place in San José. It's tiny and there's nothing flashy about it but the food is delicious. They've got a wide range of dishes available and I've enjoyed everything I've tried. The rice plates are great but the only thing I eat there anymore is the soup. To my understanding, it's fully vegan but the broth is on par with the best beef-based broths I've tried elsewhere (depth of flavor wise, not that it tastes like beef). The service is always quick as well- a great place to stop if you're in a hurry.

Author: Vi P.

CASH ONLY DON'T HATE. Street meter Parking. The parking patrol is BooL-Itch but plenty of parking and After 6pm and Sunday is Free.99

Personal Religion :) - this place is some what considered as my place of peace after many check ins have earned myself a Duchess title( thank you) only fair if I'd write about it you all yelpers get to finally hear my thoughts. luckily we got an option to write review. :)

My dealer - He introduced me to this place and #13 - which I have been loyal to this dish even two years later .. I've tried few other item but i haven't came across to any other dish that give me the kicks as 13.. I came here right after i signed my married certificate, YES indeed I am hooked(don't judge me) I even married my dealer so that I can come here with or without him lol :p

Additional info and and unity, planetary beneficial- Everyone person switch to vegetarian or vegan diet will save 900 animals, 7 million gallons of water, 1000 of trees. Live stock farming- animal agriculture is the world leading mass destruction of amazon rain forest, animals waste cause lack of co2 into the atmosphere and greenhouse effect and climate change result.

If we can't change our addiction from meat, or cut off from our cultural,or tied to our pride, love ourself health enough to change whatever the reason maybe then do it for someone else ... EVERYONE saving life take one small selfless step. Like Yelp said this review has made the yelposphere a better place. lol I salute you for considering :))

Just so you know this place is 100 % compassion to animals and planet- what looks like meat it is an alternative meat that made from plants. You can't denies how good it feels by the way you looks;) You go and enjoy yourself a laughing planet :)

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